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Mission Possible!

     To reduce fossil fuel emission, many big cities have set a dateline for zero emission using electric vehicle. The 12 cities that signed the Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration—London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland, and Cape Town by 2030

     2030?! That's a long time! Surely in the mean time we can do real change that can reduce fossil fuel use immediately 85%! A proven to work E85 conversion kit for all gasoline internal combustion engine is available now with no huge investment needed. An E85 kit pay back itself from fuel cost savings in just 10 filled ups!

EV is great but will take a long time and lots of money. Do something now! Please use E85 if you are Pro Climate Change. Make a real difference now, not in 10-20 years.

                       It should be NOW.

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