Who we are?

  • We design and manufacture E85 Conversion Kit

  • Best selling own brand 'XugarFlex' and OEM available

  • 13 years in business

  • More than 50,000 satisfied customers

What's next?

  • Premium Biodiesel

  • Ethanol based Biodiesel

Why you should become our International Reseller?

  • Proven product on the streets for more than 12 years!

  • Best price easy to stock means higher profit (4 & 8 Cylinder)

  • Complete range of product: MPI/GDI/Fuel Guage Protector

  • Use our success in Thailand in creating demand as your showcase

  • From zero customer and one E85 station to ten of thousands cars converted to E85

  • Attracting more than 1000 new E85 stations all across Thailand!