Who we are?

  • We design and manufacture E85 Conversion Kit

  • Best selling own brand 'XugarFlex' and OEM available

  • 13 years in business

  • More than 50,000 satisfied customers

What's next?

  • Premium Biodiesel

  • Ethanol based Biodiesel

Why you should become our International Reseller?

  • Proven product on the streets for more than 12 years!

  • Best price easy to stock means higher profit (4 & 8 Cylinder)

  • Complete range of product: MPI/GDI/Fuel Guage Protector

  • Use our success in Thailand in creating demand as your showcase

  • From zero customer and one E85 station to ten of thousands cars converted to E85

  • Attracting more than 1000 new E85 stations all across Thailand!


Flex Fuel Company Limited
XugarFlex Company Limited

ph: 085-036-4141


PS: We only reply to your inquiry. We do not keep your contact info for any other purposes. By sending us your contact info here, you give us consent to communicate back  regarding your message.

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