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What is Gasoline Direct Injection?

GDI is a type of fuel injection that injects fuel directly onto the cylinder head.


Advantages: Require less fuel for ignition->Imporve fuel economy

Disadvantages: High voltage,complex ECU electronics and require

heavy duty injectors.




The One & Only affordable E85 GDI Conversion Kit from XugarFlex

Easy to install-No wire cutting & switched bypass mode for quick roll back to gasoline

New version now available!  Model:2021

Our latest GDi version is guarantee to work with all solenoid direct injector.

  • Field tested 'Cold start' engine with E85 at -9 degree Celsius! 

  • 4 LEDs showing each injector firing fuel for confirming good connections

  • No check engine light!

Try it to believe it!

Compatible with all solenoid Direct Injectors with 'Peak & Hold' waveform.
FSI/TFSI- Audi, Volkswagen Group           GDI- Mitsubishi,BMW,Hyundai,Kia
CGI- Mercedes-Benz                                    THP- Peugeot/Citroen    ETC....

What is inside the box ?!

Patent Product

Application Specific  Design
  • Extremely high reliability

  • Simple installation

  • Cold start tested

  • Selectable ECU assist level

  • Easy disconnect for by-pass

How does it work?-

Smart but simplicity in design by controlling injector mechanical delay time!


         To derive at a workable concept, one must first understand the GDi wave signal. It is not a simple pulse like MPi but a 'Peak & Hold' pulse signal with no polarity. However, there are some unique features that differentiate different car maker on how the 'Peak & Hold' pulse were implemented. Surely we can choose to make it even more complicated coming up with expensive solution not guaranteed to work, but by trying many different ideas, we came up with a simple and universal solution for a GDi E85 kit.


         We have had hundreds of satisfied customers. When installed correctly, it is very stable and very reliable.

 Lastly, a new design that is so simple and different from traditional kit does not mean it cannot work. It just mean that it is not yet being understood correctly that's all. Try it to believed it !  Save fuel money and reduced you CARBON

footprint today.

 For International Reseller and OEM please contact us below

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