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The Most Trusted E85 Conversion Kit in Thailand

Save upto 30% in fuel cost!

Easy install with Plug n' Play cable

Easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint by 85%!

E85 Direct Injection Kit

Super HOT Item!

Only Available here!

OEM & Export

Welcome Int'l Reseller Inq.

Q: Will E85 cause engine corrosion?

A: After 8years(and more than 30 thousand cars)  of using E85 with E10 capable cars, the engines are still running

    great! No reports of engine corrosion by E85 what so ever! Infact, engines are lasting longer because of much

    cleaner engine as a result of using E85.

Q: What fuel can Xugarflex support?

A: All gasoline blend. E10 E20 E85 upto E100

Q: What car can convert to E85 using Xugarflex conversion kit ?

A: All gasoline cars that can run on E10 can be converted immediately. Recommend changing fuel filter once after  

    using 1st 4 tanks of E85 to get rid of any dirt washed out by ethanol (apply to cars that never have changed fuel

    filter before.This is just a precautionary step. If fuel filter not clog then no need to change).

Q: Is it true that E85 can damage fuel level detector in the fuel tank of some Japanese cars?

A:Yes. Only a handfull are affected. Such as  Honda Civic FD/Nissan March-Almera/Toyota Camry 2004.

    This is cause by electrolysis due to too high DC feeding the detector floating in the tank. Such car must install 

    our fuel guage protection kit (PT). European and US brand cars are not affected at all.

Q: Has Xugarflex been officially tested?

A: Yes, we have been tested by the Department of Renewable Energy under the Ministry of Energy.


Q: Pay back time for buying Xugarflex kit?

A: Around 10 fill ups.

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